Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale of GRUPO BELLEZA 1987, SL



The sale will be formalized when GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL, receives the amount requested as payment of the order, taking into account the date thereof, the day it becomes effective in the account of GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL.

The delivery time will be estimated, depending on the product requested and its manufacturing process.

GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL, reserves the right to vary the delivery period, as long as it is estimated by the variation of the production system of the product, notifying the client sufficiently in advance.



The prices, as well as the offers sent to the clients, will remain in active for a maximum period of 15 days, from the date of the order or offer.



The payment will always be in advance, taking into account the payment, previously referred to as formalization of the order.



Once the full amount of the order has been received, the order will be sent.

Once the materials supplied leave our store GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL, it is not responsible for these nor for the duration of the transport.

GRUOP BELLEZA 1987 SL, does not accept liability for losses due to packaging, non-obvious damages, errors in deliveries, discrepancies or total or partial loss of deliveries, unless they are communicated within 24 hours of delivery of the supply and previous inspection of GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL.

If, at the time of delivery, obvious damage is detected on the packaging or on the product itself, THE CUSTOMER must include it on the delivery document signed by the carrier, otherwise no claims will be accepted for such concept.



The products have a guarantee of GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL of 12 months from the reception of the same, for which the delivery note of these will be taken into account.

In the event that the CLIENT detects defective products, it must notify GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL within a maximum period of 15 days from receipt, in writing and in a reliable manner.

Once confirmed by GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL, the existence of defective products will be replaced without charge, always within the warranty period indicated. Parts subject to wear are excluded from this warranty.

Once reviewed in the product if it is determined that the cause of the malfunction is foreign to the product itself, it will be returned to the CUSTOMER in due freight, with a charge of € 10 for handling it. If after reviewing the product it is determined that it is a factory defect, the part or product will be replaced.

The warranty only includes defective parts, not including labor or displacement.

This warranty will not apply if the CLIENT or a third party has made m modifications, repairs on the products supplied.



Only returns of the product will be accepted, due to defects or malfunctioning coming from the factory.

The returns will only be accepted within 15 days after receiving the product, understanding as such the delivery note issued by GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL.

The postage caused by the return of the products to GRUPO BELLEZA 1987S.L., Are in all cases in charge of the CLIENT.

In those cases, in which, after receiving the returned product, it is verified that the acceptance criteria are not met, GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL, will proceed to return the product to the customer with the freight paid by the CLIENT.


GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL is released from any responsibility for losses or damages produced as a result of factors or causes that are not attributable GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL.

GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL, will be responsible for the defects of the product provided that the CLIENT, had warned GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL of the defects within the warranty terms specified.

When the products manufactured by GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL, according to the design and / or specifications of the CLIENT, GRUPO BELLEZA 19897S.L. does not guarantee that such products are suitable for the use projected by the CLIENT.

The maximum responsibility that GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL would in any case assume, would amount to the amount of the products supplied to the CLIENT, from which any liability could be derived by GRUO BELLEZA 1987 SL, as provided in the Terms and Conditions cited above.


It is the responsibility of the CLIENT, who must ensure that the products are installed correctly and safely, without risk to the health or safety of people.


The images and colors shown may not coincide with the actual range of products sold by GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL.