Shipment & Returns


Once the materials supplied leave our warehouse GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 S.L., it is not responsible for these or the duration of the transport.

GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL, accepts no responsibility for losses due to packaging, non-obvious damages, errors in deliveries, discrepancies or total or partial loss of deliveries, unless they are communicated within 24 hours of delivery of the supply and previous inspection of GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 SL.

If, at the time of delivery, obvious damage is detected on the packaging or on the product itself, THE CUSTOMER must indicate it on the delivery document signed by the carrier, otherwise no claims will be accepted for such concept.

The standard transportation service is door to door, if you want the transport to make the download within your business, an additional charge should be added.



Only returns of the product will be accepted, due to defects or malfunction from the factory.

The returns will only be accepted within 15 days after receiving the product, understanding as such the delivery note issued by GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 S.L ..

The postage caused by the return of the products to GRUPO BELLEZA 1987S.L., Are in all cases in charge of the CLIENT.

In those cases, in which, after receiving the returned product, it is verified that the acceptance criteria are not met, GRUPO BELLEZA 1987 S.L. will proceed to return the product to the CUSTOMER with the costs borne by the CLIENT.


For more information, see the general conditions.