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4c protech

Technical finish based on a ratio of special non-stick silicones which greatly reduces the possibility of the "indigo" dye being deposited on the surface of the article and makes it easy to wash with soap and water.


Bactericidal treatment based on non-bioaccumulative and low toxicity sulphates.

Basic care to avoid mould and other bacteria:

- Make sure that the furniture is dry and clean of resin residues (plants, pine trees, etc.).

- Store the furniture in a place without humidity.

- Avoid contact with other products that may have mould (walls or old wooden furniture).

Easy clean

Silicone-based treatment, specific for fabrics and coatings, which protects the surface from all types of stains, even biros stains, and facilitates their disappearance with the use of water only in the case of textiles and with the use of a cloth in the case of coatings (polyurethane and vinyl).

Eco & free

Aligned to the service sector, in a COVID-FREE framework, we offer our synthetic fabrics which, due to their continuous surface, are the most suitable for sanitisation and disinfection, with total efficiency against micro-organisms and severe washing.


Marine Professional Outdoor

Technical finishes that are incorporated into the fabric and offer the only real and definitive solution to the effects of algae, mould, bacteria and spores that end up developing on any surface where water does not dry. At the same time, it protects against UV rays, saltpetre and humidity.

The MPO range of fabrics is optimal for use in outdoor and marine environments. We recommend closed cell foams.


iSys AG based on silver ions reduces the life of the virus on the surface and even inhibits it, providing total assurance of viral clearance after cleaning.

iSys AG, which is positively charged (Ag+), adheres to the negatively charged virus membrane, there is an electrostatic attraction, from the moment the silver particle adheres to the virus, the virus is deactivated, it can no longer penetrate our cells and therefore cannot reproduce.

Toxicologically tested: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX


To keep the upholstery looking like new, it is recommended to clean it regularly with a dry cloth or a cloth dampened with lukewarm water or by vacuuming it with a hoover on low power. Protect it from direct sunlight and heat sources and try to avoid contact with moisture.

Clean stains with neutral soap and water.

Allow to air dry. For quick drying, use a hairdryer on medium heat.

To clean stubborn stains, such as ink and marker pen stains, use a mild diluted solvent.

Can be dry cleaned with conventional methods and products.

Products to avoid: solvents containing chlorine or alcohol, aerosol glass cleaners, polishes and polishes.

Avoid: glass cleaners, polishes and waxes, and any products with chemical content.

Baby wipes and make-up removers are not recommended, as they will

remove the protective layer that surrounds the material and reduce its shine.

It is important to act on stains immediately so that they are not absorbed. For stubborn stains such as biros ink or felt-tip pens, use a cloth dampened with warm water and a little alcohol, white vinegar or cotton wool with make-up remover milk. For classic stains such as tomato, chocolate, coffee, oil and soft drinks, use a damp cloth with neutral PH soap.

Never rub or scratch the stain, nor press it aggressively

Avoid solvents with chlorine or alcohol, aerosols, glass cleaners, polishes, waxes and any product with chemical content. Baby wipes or make-up removers are also not recommended.

Do not apply dry foam, as this will alter the protective treatment.